Become a Physician Investor

Become A Physician Investor

We Are A Physician Funded Social Impact Venture Capital Specialising In Digital Health

Hipprocates VC is a unique venture capital social impact fund focused on investing into digital therapeutics. The synthesis between health and technology has created a new market with huge unrealised potential. Hipprocates VC is raising $10 million from 100 physicians. Many of our investors have used their 401K/IRA without a tax penalty.

Technology is improving healthcare and digital health and the digital health market size is projected to exceed $379 billion by 2024. Our fund will invest in technologies focused on preventing and treating conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and mental health. “Digital therapeutics holds exciting prospects in terms of unrealized potential. With a shift to value-based, patient-centric healthcare system, and increasing reforms by the government to cut down healthcare costs, it is anticipated that the market will witness lucrative growth evident from a growing number of new startup companies in the market.”

Digital therapeutics utilize “a variety of digital implements to help manage, monitor, and prevent illnesses in at-risk patients. These include mobile devices and technologies,apps, sensors, desktop computers, and various Internet of Things devices. These implements can collect a wide variety of data, ranging from big to small. Digital therapeutics can theoretically collect a high volume of data from a variety of sources. It also collects smaller data, capturing personalized physiological parameters and behavior patterns and social and geographical patterns that can be recorded from multiple digital sources.”

Hippocrates Ventures is the world’s first physician funded social impact venture capital fund focused on investing in digital therapeutics. “Digital therapeutics, known as software-as-a-drug, has undergone significant developments, because of its cost-effectiveness and the potential to influence human behavior – a challenge that is difficult to overcome in healthcare.

A shifting technological landscape worldwide has led to significant boost in smartphone ownership and usage rates, which is anticipated to impact the market positively. Other factors expected to influence growth of the market are rising occurrence of chronic diseases, increasing attention on preventive healthcare and an emerging need to control healthcare costs.”Hippocrates Ventures is raising a $10 million venture capital fund with 100 physicians investing $100K each. Many physicians can invest using a 401K/IRA without a tax penalty.

Physicians - Invest in the World's Physician Funded Social Impact Venture Capital Fund for Digital Health

Our Chief Medical Adviser Asif Ali MD MPH

Our Managing Director Laurence Girard Speaks About Fruit Street


Ashley Maru MD, MBA

Physician Investor
Dr. Maru is a physician, educator, and business leader. He is a professor of radiology at the University of South Florida and works in private practice as a partner and board member for Tower Radiology Centers in Tampa, FL. While the business of outpatient radiology is where Dr. Maru spends most of his time, he also cares for inpatients as a shareholder in Radiology Partners, a company boasting over 1,000 radiologists located throughout the United States. In addition to functioning as a radiologist through both inpatient and outpatient roles, Dr. Maru also incorporates medicolegal expert work into his practice. His interest in the law, specifically in healthcare and business law, has further led him to pursue a law degree from Stetson University. Dr. Maru sees a general underutilization of technology in our current healthcare system. He is attracted to the digital health and digital therapeutics space because of its potential to transform medicine and revolutionize the healthcare system as we know it today.

Laurence Girard

Managing Director

Laurence Girard is the CEO and founder of Laurence was a pre-med student in the undergraduate degree program at the Harvard University Extension School for two years before he decided to pursue full time and move to San Francisco. In high school, Laurence played soccer for the New York Red Bulls academy as a goalkeeper which sparked his initial interest in health. He later decided to pursue a career focused on social impact and spent a year volunteering before college in the emergency room at Huntington Hospital in the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System. Laurence has also assisted with research at Boston Children’s Hospital, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, and has published and presented medical papers in peer review medical journals and conferences. His interest in technology developed during a five year period where he wrote content for large digital media companies such as Yahoo! and Demand Media. In addition, Laurence’s initial interest in video collaboration and telemedicine stems from his time volunteering for an education non-profit called Learn to Be which provides free online tutoring for K-12 students. Laurence aims to build a team of physicians and technologists to help people worldwide improve their lifestyle and prevent chronic disease.

What Current Investors Are Saying

Dr. Mian Javaid

"I am investing in Hippocrates Ventures because I believe so strongly in the concept that 100 physician investors coming together can have a tremendous social impact by investing in digital health technologies that prevent and treat disease. I also believe our Managing Director Laurence Girard has the entrepreneurial talent to organize our group of physicians and guide us towards the best investments."
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